Aerial Photography & Videography
We capture aerial images at low heights using unmanned aircrafts equipped with high-resolution cameras. Using unmanned aircraft enables us to operate in a fast flexible and cost saving manner. Flying below cloud cover allows us to operate on many more days compared to manned aerial photography missions. Take your photography to a new level of creativity innovation and professionalism with our world-class highly versatile aerial crews and equipment.

Multimedia Services
We deliver a full package that would typically include editing, voice-overs and extra footage and stills from the ground. Our studio brings a varied set of knowledge and skills, staying up-to-date with the latest technological developments. We offers a number of tools for Aerial and Ground Movie making as well as all your Multimedia Creation needs.

Drone Inspection Services
Our small-unmanned aircrafts are capable of reaching places that are difficult expensive dangerous or even impossible to approach by manned inspection teams. With different size drones we can inspect indoor onshore and offshore installations and objects in many different environments. This offers a very cost effective and quick alternative for the traditional manned inspections by scaffolding, crane or rope access which are dangerous, time consuming and costly.

Drone Hire Services
We offer a fantastic aerial drone hire service. We have a number of drones to suite every production. Our drones range from the small versatile Phantoms the new Inspire drone for aerial shooting. All of our packages come complete with a drone operator, a camera operator/observer, drone, batteries, cameras, memory etc and they all shoot in HD. We can only offer these services with an operator due to strict insurance & aviation regulations, so we cannot hire any of these the drones out on their own.

Other Services:
– Industrial Inspections
– Luxury Watercraft Marketing
– Construction Progress Updates
– Golf Course Flyovers
– Agriculture Inspections
– Insurance Claim Adjustments
– Post-Disaster Documentation
– Industrial Security Surveys
– Inaccessible/Coastal Terrain
– Cellular/Utility Towers
– Smoke/Flare Stacks
– Auto Salvage Yards
– Civic Special Events Promotion
– News and Accident Coverage